Spoiled King
George of the jungle Episode
Season 1.17b
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Air Date October 7, 2007 (Teletoon)

May 29, 2008 (Cartoon Network)

Writer Mike Weiss
Director J. Falconer
Previous Trouble With Bananaquats
Next Extreme Lamebrains
George and his friends deal with the antics of a spoiled movie star couple




  • Magnolia is the False Antagonist in this Episode. George, in this Episode, is the Main Antagonist.
  • Stan and Karina looks like the Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie Type Couple (habit of Adoption)
  • Karina almost Resembles Jeannie from the 1965 Sitcom I Dream of Jeannie.
  • Howie and Big Mitch made a Cameo Appearance.
  • As you see George and Magnolia walking together, there is a proof those two are holding hands (even if it wasn't seen).
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