Skunk-Eating Giraffe
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While swallowing the first skunk
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Location The Jungle

The Skunk-Eating Giraffe is a giraffe who appeared in the episode "of kings and little ones". After George discovers an unconscious skunk, he tries to CPR the skunk, but the skunk blows up like a balloon and flies straight into the mouth of an on-looking giraffe. Instead of spitting the skunk out, the giraffe decides to eat and swallow him.

While George discusses with Ape, the friend of the poor skunk feels drips falling on his fur. When he looks up, he is terrified to see the giraffe drooling over him. The skunk then runs off while the giraffe chases him.

At the end of the conversation the giraffe shows up while chewing on the skunk and the skunk tail still hanging out his mouth. He then swallows the second skunks as well.

The giraffe can be seen in later episodes, always devouring some poor skunk, until he himself becomes the meal of the Man-Eating Plant. In total he devoured some twenty skunks in the series.