Nature's Call
George of the jungle Episode
Season 2.8a
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Air Date Q2/Q3 2015 (Teletoon)
Writer {{{Writer}}}
Director Paul Hunt
Previous I Gotta Beave Me
Next Much Ado About Stuffing

After George defeated her in a jungle vote, he must go to the deep heart of the jungle to get Ursula back to restore order to the jungle. It has yet To be aired on Q2/Q3 of 2015.



  • George
  • Ursula
  • Shep (cameo)
  • Ape
  • Weevil
  • Tiger
  • Mighty Burbank
  • Tookie (cameo)
  • Various Animals


  • This is the first time we're going to see two main characters Square off against each other.
  • Magnolia is absent in this Episode.
  • This show may go for a TV-PG rating when George slapped Ursula and She'd punch him in retaliation.
  • Around Europe, It was shown that Ursula bit George in the Neck, but on Boomerang UK, it was cut off.
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