Mama Chicago
George of the jungle Episode
Season 2.16a
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Air Date Q2/Q3 2015
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Director Paul Hunt
Previous Rip Van George
Next Reversum Day

Doctor Chicago is the most dangerous threat the jungle has ever faced until his mother pays a visit

To be aired on January 14, 2017


  • Tookie
  • George
  • Robots
  • Shep
  • Dr. Chicago
  • Cuspid
  • Mama Chicago
  • Ape
  • Papa Chicago
  • Various Animals


  • Magnolia is Absent in this episode, and the Absent streak continues for Ursula .
  • This is the second Episode to have a name after the Character, the other being "The Vegemaster"
  • It will be aired on January 14, 2017. On this day, the NFL Postseason begins, with the NFC Game Atlanta Falcons def. the Seattle Seahawks, 36-20 on Fox, followed by the AFC game on CBS where the New England Patriots def. Houston Texans 34-16.
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