Between Season1\Season2 this character's name was swapped with Ursula\Magnolia
To see the Season 1 Ursula (Magnolia); here it is Magnolia Witch
Magnolia Witch
Magnolia Season 2




Jungle Resident


George (sometimes), Ape (occasionally), [[Ursula Scoot] (occasionally)


Feral Human


George (in Some Episodes), Tiger, Dr. Chicago], Cuspid

Hair Color



Attacking George (Physically), being scary, use Ursula as a chew toy


Tiger stealing her scariness, George being too soft, ruin people's days

Appeared in

George of the Jungle (2007 Version)

Voiced by

Bridget Warham

Magnolia is one of the major characters of Season 2's George of the Jungle revival series. She is name changed to Ursula from magnolia for unknown reasons. In Season 2, Ursula shows she is a anti-heroic character who beats up George, Ape and Magnolia every time she sees them.

Season Two

Magnolia is the wild feral girl who hunts to survive in the Jungle, and isn't related to the Witch Doctor, She may attack everyone (mostly George), but there are some romantic hints about her and George in some episodes for fans to know.

Episode Appearances

  • Bringing Silverback
  • Clockwork George
  • Ursula Solution
  • George Lays an Egg
  • The Witch Doctor Gets Laid
  • The Death of Ape
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  • She's dangerous and anywhere in the Jungle is her home.
  • She is George's Rival, every time George rescues an animal, Ursula puts them back in peril. She always attack him, but there are romantic hints between those two.
  • She speaks in third-person just like George.
  • She has an unknown past, therefore kinda like George, she may be an orphan as well.
  • Bridget Wareharm voiced her.
  • She's in her 20s like George and Magnolia
  • It's shown on several occasions that Ursula is willing to eat people. In "Kings and Little Ones", she tries to eat both George and Magnolia after the firenado traps them all in the cave. In "Lovecano", she unwittingly eats George after he hides inside of a cake used as bait for her. In "Nature's Call", she eats George and then spits him out.
  • The Real Reason her name was change to resember the 1967 version of her.


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