Kings and Little Ones
George of the jungle Episode
Season 2.5b
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Air Date October 8, 2016 (Teletoon)
Writer Dale Schott
Director Paul Hunt
Previous Queen of the Desert
Next Renaissance Ape

After he was killed by the Firenado, George was send to Vinehalla but gets send back to the living until he's done something good.


  • Magnolia
  • George
  • Burnie
  • Ursula
  • Ape
  • King Lumpy Joe
  • Queen Rubber Arms
  • King Vegas
  • King Boondang the Strongest
  • Queen Ice Fangs
  • King Turf Herder
  • Vinehella Kings and Queen
  • Various Animals


  • Vinehalla is the place where the good kings go, kinda resembles Heaven, also a parody to Valhalla.
  • King Lumpy Joe mentioned Vinehella (George actually said the place), that place is where the Bad Kings go there, that place resembles Hell. But wonder if there's a Valhella.
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