Heart of Gold
George of the jungle Episode
Season 2.26b
Episode {{{Overall}}}
Air Date TBA 2015 (Teletoon)
May 19, 2015 (Nick Poland)
Writer {{{Writer}}}
Director Paul Hunt
Previous The Last Treehugger
Next TBA
After George's Heart has been switched with Steve's, It's not a very good result for the Jungle. It has yet to be aired on 2015



  • George
  • Ape Council
  • Banana Council
  • Magnolia
  • Dr. Chicago (cameo)
  • Ape
  • Lava Magna
  • Steve
  • Witch Doctor
  • Steve's Heart
  • Ursula
  • Various Animals


  • This is the other half of the Season Finale. Yet Animation Magazine should announced for the third Season.
  • This the second episode to break the Fourth Wall, the other being George Skips Breakfast.
  • After Ursula who assaulted George for the Second Season, She got assaulted and insulted by him, then cry about it.


The Ending may be debatable, some say Steve may be returning as a jerk when the third season might be renewed. But some say, he'll be after this episode, the new Steve from now on for the possible New Season.

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