George (2007)
George GeorgeoftheJungle
George in Season 2




King of the jungle


Ursula, Ape, Magnolia, Shep, Tookie, Dr. Scott, Witch Doctor, Howie, Madmun




The Vegemaster, Big Mitch, Cousin Larry, Chuck, Jungle Joel, Peacocks, Mr. Pendo, Grouch Mouth, Mighty Burbank, Extreme Lamebrains, Stan, Karina, Ursula (in some episodes.)




friends, ice-cream, the jungle


danger, chores



Voiced by

Lee Tockar (Original Run)
Cory Doran (Revival Series)

George is the king of the Jungle. He is the hero of the jungle, who often has adventures with his friends, Ursula, Magnolia, and Ape. He always gets himself (and sometimes even his friends) into danger.


George has peach skin, blue eyes, and black hair. He also wears a leopard-skinned loincloth. Even though he used to look scrawny and thin, George actually has incredible strength. On the Upcoming Second Season, he's going to have muscles


Unlike Ape, George is not very intelligent and he often makes mistakes. Most of the time, he is very dim-witted, carefree, and even clueless. But, aside from his noticeable flaws, George is very friendly and he often helps the other animals when they are in trouble.

Episode Appearances

George appears in every episode of the series.


Ape - George is best friends with Ape and they mostly get along well. However, there are times when George drives Ape crazy with his stupidity. Despite their differences, George and Ape still enjoy each other's company.

Magnolia - George is a close friend to Magnolia and she appears to have a crush on him. Sometimes, George makes her mad (one time saddened) but those two were in great touch. In the Second Season yet to air in Canada, she's now going to be feral and She always attacks George also her name is now Ursula.

Ursula - Ursula is friend to George, Sometimes, he drives her mad into a rampage. However, George and Ursula are on good terms. And on Season Two her name is now Magnolia.

Shep - Shep is George's pet elephant. George always treats him like a dog and drives him insane. He really likes and cares about his pet.

Tookie - Tookie is another pet of George. Everyone except Ursula can understand what he is saying.


  • This is the only version of George that doesn't have romantic feelings for Ursula (formerly Magnolia). But however there are romantic hints between those two.
  • Unlike his previous versions, George was not muscular or buff, until now.
  • This is the only version of George to have blue eyes.
  • George was voiced by Lee Tockar who's right now doing MLP:FiM, now it's confirmed that Cory Doran will be voicing George, Doran is also known for doing the voices for Fresh TV, Bummer/No Pants Lance/Captain Ron from Stoked and Mike from the Total Drama Seasons 4 and 5.
  • Tockar's George is a Teenager, while Doran's is in his 20s.


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