George of the Jungle
George (2007)
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George in Season 2




King of the jungle


Ursula, Ape, Magnolia, Shep, Tookie, Dr. Scott, Witch Doctor, Howie, Madmun




The Vegemaster, Big Mitch, Cousin Larry, Chuck, Jungle Joel, Peacocks, Mr. Pendo, Grouch Mouth, Mighty Burbank, Extreme Lamebrains, Stan, Karina, Ursula (in some episodes.)




friends, ice-cream, the jungle


danger, chores



Voiced by

Lee Tockar (Original Run)
Cory Doran (Revival Series)

George is the king and hero of the Jungle, raised alongside his best friend Ape as his brother. While short on brains and common sense, he is nonetheless brave and always out to help those around him.


George has peach skin, blue eyes, and black hair. His most prominent feature is his constantly-grinning, wide-eyed expression. He typically wears a leopard-skinned loincloth, though he has rarely worn similar or other outfits.

In season 1, George had a very slim build, despite his immense strength. He was redesigned for season 2 to have a more exaggerated muscular "heroic" build, though his head remained the same.


High on brawn but short of brains, George is brave but often lacking common sense. He relies often relies on the direction of his friends to steer him in the right direction, and is easily tricked by those around him. Despite this, George is dedicated to those he cares about, and prioritizes helping those in need above all else. Conversely, he is incredibly needy, and will easily fall into a depression when he feels he has let down those around him or vice versa.

George was somewhat dumbed down for the show's second series retooling, while simultaniously becoming twice as impulsive.


Ape - Raised alongside each other since infancy, George is best friends with Ape and they mostly get along well. However, there are times when George drives Ape crazy with his impusliveness or lack of forethought. Despite their differences, George and Ape still enjoy each other's company.

Magnolia - George is a close friend to Magnolia, having known each other since childhood. This changed in season 2 (wherein her name was changed to Ursula), where they were changed to fierce rivals.

Ursula - Ursula and George are quite close as friends, although her attempts to "civillize" him often inadvertantly lead to disaster. Unlike Magnolia, their relationship largely stayed the same for the show's second season retooling.

Shep - Shep is George's pet elephant, though George is convinced he is an actual dog. Due to this, George treats him as a dog, which largely ends up frustrating those around him due to the collateral damage. caused. George is very loyal to Shep, but Shep has proven willing to betray George should it suit him.

Tookie - Tookie is another pet of George, whom he personally hatched from an egg. Everyone except Ursula can understand what he is saying.


  • This version of George differs from his previous incarnations in several aspects
    • He was not muscular or buff in the show's first season, but was retooled into a more familiar design for the show's second season.
    • He does not have feelings for Ursula/Magnolia.
    • He was slightly more intelligent in the first season, but restored to his past low intelligence for the second season.
    • Although he still refers to himself in the third person, he is shown to be more vocally articulate, occasionally referring to himself using pronouns. This was diminished in the show's second season, where his english was more audibly stunted, and he strictly avoided pronouns
  • George was voiced by Lee Tockar in the first season, and Cory Doran in the second season.